Logware for Discord

This Discord bot was designed by engineers at Logware, LLC to provide you with an extremely simple interface for safely storing and retrieving encrypted data from the LYNX Blockchain using our proprietary Logware API.

All data entries are first encrypted using AES256 with a password that is generated dynamically using Discord’s internal structures. That encrypted data string is then recorded as a hex value to the LYNX Blockchain where it is permanently and immutably stored. A similar but reversed process is used to retrieve and decrypt your stored data.

More credits means more available daily storage!

If you find yourself needing to create more tags per day than you are currently allowed, simply increase your credit level to a higher tier to unlock a higher daily tag maximum!

Try Logware for Discord free for 30 days

Visit http://logware.io/discord/invite. You will be prompted to invite the bot into any Discord server where you have permission to do so. Once the bot is in your server, simply type “?setup” and enjoy!

$12 USD buys 365 more credits

Each time you pay, you acquire 365 more credits to be added to your Guild total. Keep your credits topped off for maximum daily usage.