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Logware makes
storing data simple

No blockchain experience needed

Bad things can happen with traditional databases

A secure, affordable solution for
permanent data storage on a blockchain

Hurricanes destroy data centers. Companies get sold or shut down. Employees accidentally delete (or steal) data. Corporations alter old data to make it “better” but tarnish its accuracy. People forget passwords. Or no one knows who to contact in the overwhelming IT department of a huge company.

Any software developer can use this standards-based public API. Think of it as a black box. Logware API conveniently hides the complex layers so your developer doesn’t need to understand the infrastructure or get involved with running a node. Instead, our easy-to-use API serves as a gateway to permanently store data using trusted blockchain technology.

Once your developer configures your black box, your data goes in the box. No one can mess with it or delete it. You can access it whenever you want. And best of all, it’s permanently secured on Lynx, a public blockchain that’s also eco-friendly.

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Enjoy peace of mind with 100% secure and permanent data storage

The Logware API guarantees your data is safe. Cryptography that tracks money is sound, and data gets stored directly with the money. This ensures your data can’t be lost, deleted, forged, replicated, or manipulated in any way. Counterfeiters and hackers don’t stand a chance! Our API can even prove your data hasn’t been touched since the day you stored it.

Pay once — and you’re good for the long haul

We don’t charge monthly or annual storage fees. Never worry about losing access because you forgot to update your credit card. Generations later, your data can be retrieved with no additional fees and zero risk of loss.

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Ready for an affordable, permanent data storage solution for your next project?

Store all kinds
of small stuff

Logware is perfect for customers who need to store large volumes of small payloads. We offer storage for 3 payload sizes: cryptographic hashes, payloads that are 2 kilobytes or less, and payloads up to 500 kilobytes.

Our customers store SSH key data, NTFs, user authentication data, raw Internet of Things sensor data, proof of COVID vaccinations, and more.