Logware makes it easy to store data on the blockchain

Logware is blockchain-as-a-service. It’s not just software; it’s Logware.

Our easy-to-use API provides the following features:


Customers crave transparency and with Logware, you can give it to them. Transparent companies are trustworthy companies.


Our efficient API enables fast transactions,  so Logware can work as fast as you do.



Logware runs on a diverse network of nodes randomly distributed across the globe. This makes our network redundant and secure.


Our customer service team provides on-demand implementation support. We also provide online resources to get you started.

Energy Efficient

Logware is a clean tech, blockchain solution because it’s built on top of an eco-friendly blockchain technology.


Logware is energy-efficient, and we pass those savings onto you. You get speed, transparency, security, and support at a price you can afford.

Contact Us

Contact us today to learn more, start your 30-day free trial, or request your free API key. Our FAQ website provides implementation support to help you get started.